Actors of Dune

The 1984 Dune feature film may not have been a huge success in the box office, but it has earned a small cult following and many of the actors and actresses went on to become very successful and were featured in many other sci-fi and fantasy roles. Here at fantasy space we look at the stars of dune and what other roles you may know them from.

Brad Dourif (Piter De Vries)

Brad Dourif played the part of the twisted mentat Piter De Vries, chief advisor to the Baron Harkonnen. A devious and menacing character Brad Dourif played other roles that where he is someone you love to hate, one of which is Grima Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings, as councillor to King Theoden's he was bribed by Saruman and twisted the king`s heart. Another role played by Brad Dourif is crewman Lon Suder in Star Trek voyager a sociopathic murderer, as the series progressed Lon Suder faught his compulsions and was redeemed sacrificing himself to rescue the ship.

Brad Dourif Dune

Duncan Idaho

Richard Jordan Dune Duncan Idaho

Richard Jordan (Duncan Idaho)

Richard Jordan played the part of the swordmaster of the Atreides Duncan Idaho. Other parts played by Richard Jordan is the enforcer in Logans Run, Francis who attempts to hunt down and kill Logan.

Richard Jordan Dune Duncan Idaho

Kyle MacLachlan (Paul Atreides)

Playing the part of the main protagonist of the film Paul Atreides, it was one of Kyle MacLachian first roles, he continued his career with numerous other acting jobs, most recently he has been cast as Calvin Zabo in the Marvels agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Virginia Madsen Dune

Virginia Madsen (Princess Irulan)

Playing the part of the narrator Princess Irulan, Virginia Madsen has also featured in Star Trek Voyager as Kellin a love interest of Commander Chakotay.

Gurney Halleck (Patrick Stewart)

Patrick Stewart Dune

Patrick Stewart played the part of former smuggler Gurney Halleck who was an advisor to the Atreides household. As an actor Patrick Stewart`s career has just gone from strength to strength he is well known and loved by sci-fi lovers for two iconic roles, the first is Jon Luc Picard the captain of the Enterprise in Star Trek as well as Professor X from X-men.

Doctor Wellington Yueh

Doctor Wellington Yueh (Dean Stockwell)

The traitor doctor was played by Dean Stockwell a face any sci-fi fan will know, best known for his partnership with Sam Becket in Quantum Leap as Al, he also played the parts of John Cavil (the cylon) in the new Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Kieran from Stargate SG1 and Colonel Grat from Star Trek Enterprise.

Max von Sydow - Dune

Liet Kynes (Max von Sydow)

The part of imperial Planetologist Liet Kynes was portrayed by Max von Sydow, who like many of the actors has been in a number of sci-fi programs.

In Judge Dredd he was his mentor Judge Fargo and notably he was the mysterious man at the beginning of Star Wars the Force awakens, Lor San Tekka. He will also be in season 6 of Game of Thrones as the three eyed Raven.

Sean Young - Dune

Chani (Sean Young)

The love interest of Paul Atreides plays the part of a strong independent freman woman who fights alongside Paul in his fight against the imperium.

Chani is portrayed by Sean Young who was Rachel in Blade Runner the replicant based on the niece of Eldon Tyrell the creators of the replecents Sean Young also plays the part of Lucian in Star Trek renegades the fan made movie that does actually have a number of the cast from the television series and films.

Actors of Dune