Birmingham Comic Con - Cosplay

Well this weekend saw Sci Fi & Fantasy fans visit the NEC Birmingham, on show was some tremendous cosplay`s that included costumes from some of the biggest movie and TV franchises past and present, here at Fantasy Space we have created a gallery of some of our favourite cosplay we saw over the last two days.

Batman vs Superman - Comic Con Birmingham

Batman vs Superman Cosplay

Here we see a farther son combo, paying tribute to the upcoming DC movie, well done Ty Mcgee, but we are definitely betting on Batman in this battle of the titans.

Alice Williams - Cosplay Birmingham

Alice Williams

Here we have a great cosplay from Alice Williams, she is really using the attractive scenery surrounding the NEC to create a fantastic picture framing her cosplay outfit.

Darth Bane Comic Con

Family Bane at Comic Con

This picture show how much of a family event Comic Con can be, as we see Rio Chanel Brailsford and the rest of Family Bane. Batman would have his work cut out against this clan of evil super villains

Lego Two Face Cosplay

Lego Two Face Cosplay

Another great cosplay, this is a Two Face Lego cosplay from the son of Mike Collins, great work guys.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn was a popular character at this years Comic Con here we have a collage of some of our favorites.
HarleyQuin CosplaySarah Page, Anastasia Cridge and .

Mortal Combat - Comic Con Birmingham Raiden Mortal Kombat Comic Con

Mortal Combat Cosplay

These two mean business cosplaying the legendary game Mortal Combat, thanks for sending these two great pics Leanne Robinson.

Bender Cosplay

Bender Cosplay

Any Futurama fans, out here, here we have a great out fit from Robert Hair son, lets hope he was not as rude as the real Bender.

WWF-Cosplay - Comic Con Birmingham

WWF Cosplay

Here we have Drew Ridley and his WWF (WWE) posse, portraying wrestling legends Hulk, Randy Savage and the the phenom Undertaker. Good work guy defiantly an excellent 3 man tag team that would be difficult to beat.

Comic Con Fun Birmingham Cosplay Birmingham

Fun and games at Comic con Birmingham

Here we see Millie Lee Lloyd having lots of fun with her mates.

Comic Con Birmingham Cosplay

Jenny Lockey Cosplay

Another great cosplay from Jenny Lockey using the backdrop of the lake at the NEC to good effect.

Cosplay Birmingham Comic Con Paul Steven Moylan | Steve Inscker

MCM Comic Con Birmingham

Catwoman, Harleyquinn and Jack Sparrow

Here we see Claire Rainbow as Catwoman with Harleyquinn (Sarah Page) and Jack Sparrow (Wayne Mark Truman ).

Poison Ivy Bodypaint

Poison Ivy Body Paint

A fantastic bodypaint of Batman super villian Poison Ivy.

MCM Comic Con Birmingham

Martyn Christopher Kemp Trio

Here we have Martn Christoper and her trio of mates, not sure how safe Harlequin is with that Hammer.

Star Wars Cosplay at MCM Birmingham Comic Con

Star Wars is arguably the biggest Sci Fi Franchises of all time, and Comic Con Birmingham saw lots of great Star Wars franchise from both the Empire and the Rebellion.

Star Wars Comic Con Birmingham Rey and Finn Cosplay
Here we see some great star wars themed Cos plays from Zara Jane Fox

General Grevious Cosplay

General Grievous Cosplay

Here we see a fantastic General Grievous Cosplay the cyborg leader of the separatist forces during the Clone Wars.

DC Star Wars Cosplay

Faster than Speeding Bike

Here we see Flash`s arch enemy with a number of Star Wars storm troopers.

Padme Body Paint

Queen Amidala Body Paint

Here we see a fantastic body paint of Queen Amidala from the Star Wars prequels.

Gyorgy Hamori had some great photo`s here is a collection of some of his great pics from Comic Con

Comic Con Cosplay Group
HarleyQuin DC Group Cosplay
Cosplay Birmingham
Comiccon Cosplay Pictures

Birmingham Comic Con - Cosplay