Jolene Blalock

Trip and T`Pol Love Story The 10 Steamiest Pics of Starfleet`s hottest Vulcan
She left home at 17 to follow her dreams of being a model in Europe and Asia.
Jolene Blalock
But modeling didn`t live up to her expectations so she relished the move into acting.
Jolene Blalock - Swimsuit

Jolene Blalock posed for Playboy in April 2002.
Jolene Blalock - Playboy
She first appeared on screen in the sitcom Veronica`s Closet starring another Star Trek Actress Kirstie Alley.
Jolene Blalock - Star Trek
Sci-Fi fans will have noticed her appearances in Stargate SG1 and Star ship Troopers 3
Jolene Blalock - Star Trek

She is married to Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, during a holiday to Jamaica in 2003 She Proposed to him!!
Jolene Blalock - Star Trek

The couple and their kids live together in L.A
Jolene Blalock - Star Trek

She has also appeared on popular TV series such as CSI: Miami and House.
Jolene Blalock - Star Trek

Jolene has appeared on the cover of many lifestyle magazines.
Jolene Blalock - Lingerie

Jolene is a passionate dog owner and lover and has appeared on the cover of K9 a popular canine magazine in the UK
Jolene Blalock - Sexy

But us Star Trek fans will always remember her as the sexiest Vulcan in Starfleet!
Jolene Blalock - Vulcan

Jolene Blalock is known for playing the very hot and sexy T`Pol the science offer aboard the star ship enterprise, originally a part of the Vulcan command she would later resign her commission to join Star Fleet. Below we look at some pics of Jolene Blalock through the years

Jolene Blalock

Jolene-Blalock - Celebrity

As well as Star Trek Jolene Blalock also stared in the sci fi movie Starship Troopers 3 as Captain Lola Beck, pictured below

jolene blalock starship troopers

Jolene-Blalock - Stargate.png

Jolene also had a recurring role in Stargate as the warrior Ishta who was also a love interest of Teal`c

Jolene Blalock Bikini

Below we see Jolene Blalock as T`pol her character from Star Trek Enterprise T`pol

As an actress Jolene Blalock attends many award ceremonies and her good looks and fashionable good looks always turns heads.

Jolene-Blalock - Red Carpet

Jolene-Blalock - Red Carpet

Jolene Blalock