Meet and Greet with The Dabo Girls and Their Real Life Actresses

Dabo Girls were employed by the Ferengi to run Dabo games in their establishments during the 24th Century, a bit like a croupier in Earth casino`s.

Quark, a Ferengi bar owner aboard Deep Space 9 employed a variety of Dabo girls to work the Dabo tables at Quark`s bar where they were encouraged extract as much money as possible from the patrons by way of distracting gamblers into losing at the tables among other sneaky endeavours.

We take a look at the main dabo girls and their real life actresses in this article - Who was your favourite Dabo Girl?

Aluura is a human Dabo Girl and a favourite of Quark`s - He once praised her as having had not a single customer complaint against her, made no mix ups with orders and not spilled a single drink.

This model employee was played by Symba Smith and appeared in 1998 episode Profit and Lace


This community minded Dabo Girl was part of the worker strike at Quark`s over pay conditions and even attempted to pay patrons not to go to Quark`s.

Glidia was played by Cenita L. Johnson andappeared in Deep Space 9 season 4 episodes Bar Assiciation and Rules of Engagement.

Leosa was the Dabo Girl who became involved with Lieutenant Reginald Barclay while working on a casino ship and went on to ensnare him in a `honey trap`. She sold information garnered from Barclay to Nunk, a ferengi looking for information on the pathfinder project.

Leosa was played by ad appeared in 2000 episode of Star Trek Voyager - Inside man.


M`Pella worked at Quark`s bar for a very long time, appearing in 18 episodes. She was played by Cathy DeBuono who you may recognize from current series Crazy Bitches where she plays Cassie.


Mardah Mardah is a Bajoran female who`s parents were killed during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, as soon as she was old enough she moved to DS9 to work while she pursued an education.

Mardah became involved with Jake Sisko but their relationship broke down when she chose to go to the Science Academy on Regulus III to further her career.


ContentAdvert Sarda
Sarda is an alien Dabo girl of unknown race who complained to Commander Benjamin Sisko regarding a sexual favours clause in her contract in Quark`s.

Played by Kelly Curtis, the older sister of Jamie Lee Curtis, she appeared in 1993 Deep Space 9 Episode Captive Pursuit and also appeared in popular movie Trading places as Muffy.


Leeta is the quintessential and most recognizable Dabo Girl of them all, originally bought in for 1 episode she impressed the producers so much that they cast her in a recurring role.

As a regularly appearing character played by chase Masterton, she dated Julian Bashir before eventually marrying Rom who eventually became Grand Nagus, he and Leeta then moved to Ferenginar.


Who was your favourite Dabo Girl? Have we missed anyone from the list?

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Meet and Greet with The Dabo Girls and Their Real Life Actresses