Memorable Star Trek Moments

Star Trek hit our TV in September 1966 and since the airing of the first episode of the series that began “Star Trek”. Check Out the list below - details about the best moments from Kirk and his teammates.

The Last Frontier

13 - `Star Trek V - The Final Frontier` (1989)
If even William Shatner - who plays Captain Kirk`s classic incarnation has apologized for the movie, how can we disagree? `The Final Frontier` is hard to defend, whether from the scenes during the mountain camp, the plot`s boredom, or the end, a light and smoke show that should represent the encounter with God, that is more like an acid trip that didn`t work out.

Kirk and Picard

12 - `Star Trek: Generations` (1994)
The meeting between Enterprises` two great captains, Kirk and Picard (Patrick Stewart) should serve as the baton from the original crew to the cast of` The New Generation `series. However, a parallel and paradisiacal dimension turns the new hero into a villain if the viewer thinks that Kirk would live happily ever after without external interference.

Star Trek The Movie

11 - `Star Trek: The Movie` (1979)
Almost a decade after the series ended, audiences were poised for a triumphant return to the original cast, this time in theaters. Unfortunately, the studio apparently wasn`t. Even the millions invested in this overproduction - at least for the time - do not prevent its confusing, unclear villainous story from causing more yawning than emotion.

Star Trek IV - The Homecoming

10 - `Star Trek IV - The Homecoming` (1986)
At some point in his life, Leonard Nimoy, an actor famous for his portrayal of the Vulcan Spock who had already had a successful foray into the previous film in the series. Looking for Spock, he thought it would be a good idea to send the crew into the 20th century. The mission? Recover a whale to save the Earth and the Federation. The result is not bad, but more like a parody than an Enterprise adventure.

Star Trek: Nemesis

9 - `Star Trek: Nemesis` (2002)
The last movie starring the cast of `The New Generation` alone was responsible for the near-end of the series in theaters. Too much action and a dark tone alienated fans of the franchise while being insufficient to attract a wider audience. Nemesis, however, deserved a second chance. Where else can we watch Professor Xavier (Stewart has lived the X-Men leader four times in recent years) confront his clone Bane (Tom Hardy played the DC villain in “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”) in a galactic battle?

Star Trek Insurrection

8 - `Star Trek: Insurrection` (1998)
`Insurrection` lowers the tone of previous films and places Picard leading a rebellion against the Federation itself to save the inhabitants of a planet with regenerative powers. The film takes advantage of its smaller dimensions to offer good moments of the characters, who must adapt to the new energies offered by the environment.

Beyond the Darkness

7 - `Beyond the Darkness: Star trek` (2013)
Director JJ Abrams assured everyone that the villain played by Benedict Cumbercatch was not a new interpretation of the most classic antagonist of the series, Khan Noonien Singh. The actor himself claimed it was not. The rest of the cast supported him. With each new image, trailer or poster, the cycle of questions and negatives was restarted. Even so, the second production of the new trilogy revolved around the great plot twist that everyone already knew.

Star Trek Looking for Spock

6 - `Star Trek: Looking for Spock` (1984)
Nimoy only returned to the role of Spock two years earlier on the condition that he could direct a sequel. In "Looking for Spock," the actor showed that he was much more than a pair of pointy rubber ears and delivered a fun movie that well reflects the spirit of the series.

Star Trek The Movie

5 - `Star Trek - First Contact` (1996)
Considered by many fans of `The New Generation` to be the best movie based on `Star Trek`, `First Contact` has all the elements that made the franchise a success. . The Borg, a race of tech zombies that converted Picard during the series, are villains up to the fearsome Klingons. With a taste for revenge and a great threat, the stakes in this movie are hard to overcome by their peers.

Star Trek Undiscovered Country

4 - `Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country` (1991) I
confess that this movie is probably here because of the taste of nostalgia left in the mouth. After all, “The Undiscovered Country” is the final journey that brings the whole original cast together - and doesn`t get carried away by the easy fuss of the farewell, delivering a classic story to the franchise.

Without Borders

3 - `Star Trek: Beyond` (2016)
The latest film in the series is the first film directed by Justin Lin, who has proven himself able to balance action, humor and a cast of important pieces by revitalizing the “Fast and furious” franchise. Love or hate movies with Vin Diesel and his troupe, it must be admitted that it is one of the most successful film series of recent years, and owes much to the filmmaker. “Borderless” slows the scales of its predecessors and puts the Enterprise back on track .

Star Trek The Movie

2 - `Star Trek` (2009) Many were backing the idea of ??bringing the series back to theaters under JJ Abrams, with a new cast playing the classic characters. Many were - fortunately - wrong. The director brought together a team capable of offering the charisma needed to appease the fanatics` fury, and the introduction of the parallel dimension allowed the dreaded "canon" to escape (story of the original series that can never be changed, according to fans) .

The Wrath of Khan

1 - “Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan `(1982)
The second movie in the theatrical series became the greatest classic of the franchise created by Gene Roddenberry [1921-1991] as it recovers one of TV`s greatest villains. The genetically honed Khan (Ricardo Montalbán) is not only an enemy of Kirk`s height, but creates the most iconic moment of all films - and deserves to be watched whenever he is going through a classic session.

Memorable Star Trek Moments