Steven Spielberg - Star Wars Easter Eggs

George Lucas is good friends with Steven Speilberg, and Star Wars has a long history of including things from Steven Spielberg movies, while Steven Speilberg would include Star Wars references in his many movies. Many of us know about ET being present in the galactic senate or Indiana Jones leaving the "Obi Wan Club" in raiders of the temple of doom.

Warning Spoilers:- It seems just because George Lucas has sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney we will still be getting the shout outs. In a recent interview with a sound designer for The Force Awakens, David Acord has told how they used the sound effect from raiders of the Lost Ark of the boulder roll chasing Indiana Jones. It was used in a scene reminiscent of the Indiana Jones scene, but instead of the noise being a boulder it is now that of the rathtar that chased Han Solo down the corridor of his ship.

Steven Speilberg - Star Wars Easter Eggs, Can You Name Some!Did you notice the sound effect of the indiana Jones boulder in the Force Awakens in the scene of the Rathtar, how a look at some more Steven Speilberg easter eggs and crossovers.

Posted by Star Wars Babes on Saturday, 13 February 2016

Rathtar - Star Wars


A carnivores’ beast with multiple tentacles, known for their ferocity they have been involved in massacres, Han Solo was transporting 3 Rathtar's when he first met Rey and Finn in Force Awakens.

Steven Speilberg Recommended John Williams - The music from Star Wars was iconic and really made a great impression on audiences, the choice of John Williams was after a recommendation of Steven Spielberg after he had worked with him in Jaws.

Did you also know that Steven Speilberg swapped 2.5 points of close encounters with 2.5 points of Star Wars as George Lucas was not confident of the success of Star Wars, this was a bet Steven Speilberg defiantly got the better half of.

R2D2 and C3PO Hieroglyphics - In the tomb of raider of the lost ark we see hieroglyphics on the wall which featured C3P0 and R2D2. In ET Steven Speilberg has another nod when ET dressed as a ghost at Halloween, you will see a a kid dressed as yoda in the same scene. In the same movie Elliot shows his alien friend his toys “This is Lando and this is Greedo” two popular characters from Star Wars.

When Star Wars broke the box office record set by Jaws, Steven Speilberg took out an advert of R2D" in a boat, reeling in a shark. When Et then beat Star Wars record George Lucas did the same taking out an advert of R2D2 putting a crown on the little alien.

Other Easter eggs include a gremlin playing a Star Wars arcade game, an R2D2 on the ship of close encounters of the third kind and a return of the Jedi arcade game in a deleted scene in the goonies.

Steven Spielberg - Star Wars Easter Eggs