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Deadpool Facts


Antihero Deadpool, here are some interesting facts... More Info

Batman vs Superman - Trailer

Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice Trailer

The epic battle between dark and night begins in the dawn of justice, watch the trailer online.... More Info

X-Men Timeline

X-Men Timeline

Review the timeline of the X-Men film franchises on the run up to the upcoming Apocalypse move.... More Info

Suicide Squad - Trailer

Suicide Squad - Trailer

The villians of DC form to become the suicide squad to become the good guys (king off), watch the official trailer here... More Info

Captain America

Captain America - History

Captain America, the legendary Marvel superhero who started his career in 1941.... More Info

Deadpool vs Wolverine

Deadpool vs Wolverine

Who would win, see the infographic for this epic battle (that may take a while).... More Info

The two legendary super hero power houses are undergoing a golden era at the moment, with the whole world loving the feature films and TV series being released, with films such as the Avengers and Batman vs Superman the cinema`s around the globe are being flooded by films from the Marvel and DC universes.

Captain America Civil War

Here we will see a momentous battle between two groups of superheroes, as team Captain America and team Iron Man square up for a conflict of gigantous proportions.

Batman vs Supeman

With the success of Marvels Avengers, DC will see the formation of their own superhero super group the Justice league, a film that will feature the big hitters of the DC universe, Batman, Superman and wonder woman we are sure to have another fan favorite on our hands.

X-Men Apocalypse

Here we will see the X-men encounter one of their toughest challenges to date as they come up against Apocalypse a mutant who has been around for thousands of years and has become engrained in human mythology as the bearer of destruction.

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Marvel vs DC