Sentient Terran Species of the Star Trek Multiverse

It appears that humans were the next sentient species to evolve on the planet. It is known that several noncorporeal beings of pure energy developed alongside them, though it is not clear at what point these energy beings came into existence. Indeed, very little is known about the energy beings; there is no evidence of how they reproduce or any accurate data with regards to their numbers. It does, however, appear that the energy beings are extremely long-Jived, and often enjoy a symbiotic or parasitic relationship with human beings. Humans are never widely aware of their existence, and on the few occasions the energy beings are seen they are dismissed as ghosts or spirits.

Redjac - The path of a killer

One being finally proved to have existed is known as Redjac, a creature that feeds on negative human emotions such as fear. Despite being a life form of pure energy, it requires a human host, which it can control. It uses these hosts to inspire terror in others, which it can then feed off. In particular, it finds that the brutal murdering of women produces the nourishing emotions that it needs.

Redjac as Hengist
The earliest confirmed evidence of Redjac's existence can be traced to 19th-century England, where it has been linked to the infamous Jack the Ripper murders in London. The murders are designed to inspire the maximum amount of fear in both the victims and the populace in general. One of the possible reasons the murderer is never apprehended is that Redjac may have moved from host to host using different bodies to commit the murders. In the 20th century, Redjac is apparently responsible for murders in China and Russia.

When humanity begins to explore the Galaxy, Redjac travels with it. Over the years it commits a string of murders on human colonies including Mars. Alpha Eridani, Deneb II, and Rigel IV, before it is finally apprehended and destroyed on Argelius II in 2267.

Redjacs true form
It is not clear whether humans have encountered any other members of Redjac's species, but for centuries another similar energy being known as Onaya feeds on the neural energy generated by human creativity. In order to do this it appears to its victims in humanoid form and stimulates certain areas of the brain. This inspires the human victim to be creative, and allows Onaya to drain their neural energy eventually leading to their deaths. Onaya is known to have existed as early as the first century B.C. when it inspires the Roman poet Catullus. Another of its victims is the English poet John Keats. Like Redjac, Onaya leaves Earth with human colonists.

Guest Star MegFoster as Onaya
Little is known about its movements, but it claims to be responsible for the deaths of Phineas Tarbolde of the Canopus Planet and the Cardassian architect Tavor Kell. The most recent sighting of Onaya is on Deep Space Nine in 2372 where it attempts to feed on Jake Sisko. He escapes unharmed when Onaya is driven from the station.

A family Affair- Ronin

At least one other noncorporeal life form is known to have co-existed with humans on Earth.

This anaphasic life form requires a human host to maintain its own molecular cohesion. The only example of this race officially known to exist is called Ronin, and can take the form of a human male. He rs born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1647, and the first host he finds is a woman called Jessel Howard.

Duncan Regehr as Ronin
Unlike Redjac and Onaya, Ronin is not strictly speaking a parasite since he provides his host with emotional sustenance, and far from harming anyone, it is in his interests to keep his hosts alive as long as possible. Indeed, he claims to have loved all his hosts. He does, however, exert hypnotic control over them and forces them to do whatever is best for him.

When Jessel dies, Ronin is briefly able to sustain his existence by 'living' in a candle, but soon merges with Jessel's daughter. Over the next 700 years he transfers himself from one generation of the Howard family to the next traveling into space with them where the Howards settle on the Caldas Colony. The only indicator of his presence is that after he has possessed them. the Howard women's eyes change color to a distinctive green.

There's no getting past Dr Crusher

Ronin's existence comes to an end in 2370 when his last host, Felisa Howard, dies. He attempts to transfer himself to Felisa's granddaughter. Dr. Beverly Crusher, but she realizes what is happening and destroys the candle, leaving him with nowhere to go.

It seems highly likely that other noncorporeal beings exist alongside mankind, but their elusive nature means that they are seldom identified. It is even possible that they number m the millions, but until technology advances it seems that man is unlikely to know exactly who he is sharing his planet with. Can you think of any we've missed? Share ang tag the page to let us know

Sentient Terran Species of the Star Trek Multiverse