Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers

All you need to know about Buck Rogers in the 25th century, Philip Nolan`s Anthony Buck Rogers fictional character in his Armageddon 2419 A.D novella was reinvented by John Flint Dille and simply called Buck Rogers. John Flint Dille used Buck Rogers character in a comic strip that first appeared in a newspaper in 1929. Buck Rogers became famous with the help of syndicated comic strip. His fictional character also appeared in different media. Buck Rogers`s fictional character became famous not just in newspaper comic strip as well as in television, radio, magazine and movie serial.

Buck Rogers sci-fi adventures influenced people way of thinking and made them more aware in outer space and technology. In 1933, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century wrote by Dick Calkins and Nowlan foretold the origin of Buck Rogers. With that, Buck Rogers sensation only became more popular that leads in making different Buck Rogers toys and the like that fans collects. Buck Rogers Merchandise includes comics, role playing games, trading cards made by Topps, die cast Starfighter, colorforms adventure sets, playsets, board games and even lunch boxes.

First Buck Roger toys was released in 1933 and it was line of toy gun replicas used in the Buck Rogers comic strip. Buck Rogers`s collectables asides from toys are small and large character action figures. Mego released seven Buck Rogers Collectibles action figures along with other characters in 1979. Although Buck Rogers shows and novels are popular, Mego action figures do not share the same hype.

The action figures are in 12 inches scale and based on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century the pilot episode. The action figures include the characters of Roger Bucks, Draco, Dr. Huer, Draconian Guard, Tiger Man, Killer Kane and walking Twik. Other scale made is the common 3 inches plastic action figures. With Mego unpopular Buck Rogers figures before, today these action figures are what modern Buck Rogers collector pays a high price for a single action figure.

Buck Rogers Comics
Buck Rogers Comics The mere mention of comic strips/books brings out the child in most of us. It brings back memories of the childhood days when comics were so popular. Anyone who has ever lived in the world of comics would be familiar with Buck Rogers series. It has been going on since 1930s... a time when my grandfather was a kid himself!

A brainchild of Philips Francis Nowlan, Buck Rogers series was one of the most read comic strips in the early 1930s and it just continued to top the charts amongst kids. The quality content ensured that not only kids, even their parents found themselves digging deep into one series or the other. It hit the market in August, 1928 with publishing efforts of Amazon Publishers. This was the series that introduced the U.S. to the `pop culture` and the outer space. This series may claim credit for introducing the Americans to the outer space, as it used the space as its background for the adventures.

Philip Nowlan introduced the character Anthony `Buck` Rogers through his novels Airlords of Han and Armageddon, 2419 A.D. The character was later renamed as Buck Rogers, which made a prominent appearance for a long time in newspaper comic strips. Buoyed by the success of the comic strip and the newspaper series, the Buck Rogers radio program was introduced in 1932 and it went on till 1947! There was a ten minute film made on the the character which was screened in the World Fair in Chicago in 1933-34. Since then, the character has continued to expand its reach to motion pictures, television serials and even video games.

There are critics who doubt the existence and survival of comic strips from the old times in this new era of science. The argument presented is that today`s children are too busy with their computers and hence, will not be impressed by such characters. The truth is that even though Buck Rogers was introduced in the 1930s, it sparked new ideas such as licensed merchandising, which finds application in today`s world more than ever. The Buck Rogers toys are a treat to the eye and the scientific concept that the character brought with it will never fade out of the memories. In fact, it is a vision for the future which had been developed about 80 years ago!

Buck Rogers Toys
Buck Rogers Toys Anthony Rogers, popularly known as Buck Rogers was first introduced in the story Armageddon 2419. The character was created in an early publication of Amazing Stories of Pulp Magazine by Phillip Nowlan. Its radio and big screen broadcast had bee n a huge. There were several versions of the story. At the most recent movie in 1979, Rogers is an astronaut whose space shuttle ran off course. He was frozen in space until 2479 after a Nuclear War that took place on planet Earth.

Buck Rogers toys are on the market for hobbyists and aficionado. There is a wide-range of pieces of this great science fiction hero such as action figures. There are also vehicles, play sets, command center, utility belt, communicator, guns and pistols. Rare and authentic toy merchandises are of limited quantity.

Antique Rogers Action Figures was first released in the Ideal`s Caption Action line. A new line of 3 and 12-inch Buck Rogers figures came along with the 1979 release of the hit television show. The action figures have detachable costumes and weapons. The characters made into action figures are Buck Rogers, Twiki, Dr. Huer, Draconian Guard, Tiger Man, Killer Kane and Draco.

Other Buck Rogers toys available include Laserscope Fighter, Draconian Marauder and the Startfighter. The latter was the most preferred Buck Roger vehicle among kids. The Land Rover was the last Mego toy made for the 3 Buck Rogers line. Limited numbers were released in the early 80`s. These classic Buck Rogers items are in very good condition.

Buck Rogers Trading Cards
Buck Rogers in the 25th century was created by Philip Frances Nowlan. The first thing he ever wrote about Buck Rogers was in a 1927 publication of Amazing Stories. The Pilot is based on a man( Buck Rogers) who, while inspecting coal mines for radioactive gases, gets buried in one when it collapses.He miraculously remains alive in it in an unconscious state for 500 years.

When he awakes and finds his way out it is the 25th century and the world has been taken over by Mongolians. Vintage Buck Rogers Trading Cards follow this Buck Rogers storyline. Since the series discontinued, these trading cards have grown in popularity. The National Air and Space Museum houses an extensive collection pertaining to the Buck Rogers character including the First Buck Rogers trading cards.

The Topps set of Buck Rogers trading cards is an 88 piece set. This set of Buck Rogers trading cards has cards based on the first Buck Rogers show. Originally this set came with 22 stickers. The Topps set of 88 Buck Rogers trading cards includes the title card, the gulp the 25th century? card, and the Gil Gerard as buck card.

The Buck Rogers trading cards have many memorable scenes from the Buck Rogers show and they are all available to any Buck Rogers fan. All 88 of these collectible Buck Rogers trading cards are worth buying. One set of 1979 Buck Rogers trading cards has 10 Buck Rogers trading cards produced by Topps. There are Topps brand Buck Rogers trading cards available from 1978, 1979, and 1989.

Buck Rogers DVDs
In the late 1970s, early 1980s, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century answered every young boy`s yearning for sci-fi that a certain famous movie released a few years earlier had stoked. But Buck Rogers was no knock-off - he had been around for several decades, actually - and his story resembled no other`s in sci-fi. Buck Rogers was actually conceived by a short fiction writer in the late 1920s. The character was revamped by a comic strip artist and appeared in serialized form in newspapers across the country for many years. Through this comic strip, Buck Rogers became a household name.

A worthy astronaut on a mission deep in space, Capt. William `Buck` Rogers awoke in the 25th Century after his ship was captured by pirates. He finds that Earth is now little more than wastelands, filled with cutthroat brigands who have devolved into tribal factions. He also learns his loved ones have long since died. Humans put the planet`s every element under computerized control, as they figured they had destroyed the world with their bad choices, and such decisions were better left to others. Many robots and computerized structures are now capable of emotions and emotional growth, making them almost human, and Buck develops close, personal relationships with several of them.

1977 was not even the first time Buck appeared on TV; he was the focus of a short-lived TV series back in the 1950s. Buck Rogers Movies are headed our way in 2011, and will likely be big sci-fi spectacles. Now is the best time to get started on your Buck Rogers Dvd Collection, as prices are certain to jump once the new movies draw near. Buck Rogers Dvds are available with all the episodes shown on TV, from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Buck Rogers and his adventures in the 25th Century are a staple of science-fiction. And the concepts and technology at-play in the 1970`s TV show actually stand-up well today - as does Erin Grey! All sci-fi fans should know Buck Rogers and the TV shows and early movies are appropriate for all ages. Get the Buck Rogers Dvd Set for the whole family to enjoy!

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